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Good Girls Talk About Sex

Julia and her partner have agreed to a certain amount of openness in their relationship – openness that they haven’t taken advantage of yet.


But their conversations on the topic – and Julia’s clear-headed consideration of the potential pitfalls – provide an amazing example for anyone who is considering opening this door with their partner. In fact, it’s so good that I think it should be required listening!


Shadows & Light Virtual Event

Until we identify, befriend, and heal the shadows, we are trapped with them.

Join us and explore, reclaim, and heal lost parts of yourself! So much of the focus in healing is on where we want to go…

The abundance and the light. But until we can acknowledge and release the unconscious and hidden fears that hold us back and haunt our subconscious, we will never be free.

If you’re ready to start talking honestly about sex and relationships, let’s chat!  

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