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Want to have healthier relationships?

If you can talk about sex, you can talk about anything.


Get Educated About Sex In A Way That Works For You


One-On-One Sessions

Let's chat one-on-one about what's on your mind in regards to sex and relationships.

Once or many times, you decide!


Teen Slumber Parties

Kids need 5 adults they trust for healthy development. I can be one of those. I facilitate a small, sex positive, group discussion on Zoom about sex and relationships.


Sex Ed Online for Teens

In a small group, we'll meet every 2 weeks on Zoom to cover all kinds of stuff that isn't covered in school; the stuff that actually matters to teens today. 


There is inherent strength in vulnerability. When you choose to share your stories, you control the messaging and the narrative. You let people know how to treat you based on how you share, and you let others know that they are not alone.


Auntie Julia is a Sex & Relationship Educator for Teens who helps teens have better relationships with themselves, their bodies, and others, so that they feel seen, heard, and supported.
Her goal is to help them create relationships that feel like the home they always wanted – a safe, loving place that requires no armour or emotional walls, where they can have tough conversations and explore.



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What People Are Saying About Julia


Julia's deep understanding of healthy sexuality and intimacy has helped me gain more confidence and enjoyment in life. Her ability to clearly communicate ideas that are often taboo has helped me realize that talking openly about sexuality is very important for mental, physical, and emotional health. Julia's work has made me realize the power of sensuality and sexual intimacy to bring more beauty, playfulness and appreciation into my life. I believe everyone can benefit from a deeper understanding of their sexuality and Julia's refreshing and fun approach to teaching.


Julia Sheldon is a sex superstar! She approaches this sensitive topic with warmth, humour and absolutely no judgement. She is an excellent teacher who gives you practical tools and techniques to be fun and flirtatious while empowering you to ask for what you want with confidence. She has a deep appreciation for the art of seduction and can help you to immediately bring more sensuality into your life.

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