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Teen Slumber Parties

The Lowdown: Remember pre-COVID times when slumber parties were a thing that we could do? Many adults like myself have fond memories of sleepovers with friends in which we’d stay up for hours talking about all kinds of stuff.

So, here’s a 2-hour virtual safer space for teens to talk about whatever is on their minds in regards to sex and relationships. Labeled a slut? Scared to talk to the person you like? Think you’re not straight but you’re not sure? Zero interest in being in any kind of relationship? Wait, there’s more than one kind of relationship?! We can cover all of these and so much more. I facilitate the discussion based on participant information gathered ahead of time.  After the chat, I will pass along any resources discussed within the Slumber Party.

Friend Group:

4-6 people who know one another ($50/person)

Open Group:

4-6 strangers (I create the group; $60/person)

I offer these two options because sometimes it’s easier to talk to people who have limited background information about you, and other times it’s easier to have the support of people you regularly interact with. It’s your choice! Wearing publicly appropriate clothing is required. Pyjamas are encouraged.


Please note: Due to COVID-19 delays the official police document that proves that I am safe around youth has lapsed. As soon as I am able to get a new one, this will be updated. Here’s a link to learn more about the Vulnerable Sector Police Check from the RCMP (federal Canadian police) and another for where I live, specifically: Guelph Vulnerable Sector.


Also of note: These slumber parties are a riff off of Leah Carey’s incredible Adult PJ Parties, with her explicit awareness and permission. Parents, I HIGHLY recommend you attend a party. Thanks, Leah!

FOR ADULTS (specify age 20+)

One-On-One Support


My greatest joy is getting to chat with people about sex and relationships. So let’s do it! For both options below, we spend 50 minutes talking about whatever is on your mind in regards to sex and relationships. The Initial Session is a good place to start to determine what the client is hoping to discuss and if we are a good fit for one another.

Initial session: $38

1-session package: $ 75

3-session package: $ 205 ($68/session)

5-session package: $ 325 ($65/session)


If you opt for the homework version, I will give exercises and readings to be completed each week, based on our discussion from the week(s) prior. These may be given during the session, or within a couple of days of the session. 

3-session package: $ 250 ($83/session)

5-session package: $ 350 ($75/session) 

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Work With Me

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In regards to finances: I am committed to equity and accessibility. If you feel drawn to working with me but feel that you cannot afford the pricing below, please get in touch. I can offer payment plans and sliding scale rates at this time.


If you’re ready to start talking honestly about sex and relationships, let’s chat!  

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